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Gracias a la gente de Gobal Vocies y de el oso podemos contar con el post del lunes sobre las elecciones traducido al inglés:

Elections in the Bolivian Blogs

Traductora: Medea

Editor's note: I was so impressed with Miguel Esquirol's summary of blog commentary on Evo Morales' presidential victory in Bolivia that I asked our ever-growing army of translators to offer up an english version. Juliana Rincón Parra was kind enough to volunteer. What follows below is her excellent translation, which I have edited for clarity and brevity. If you are interested in supporting Global Voices as a translator, please leave a comment below.

Finally the elections have passed by and we have in our hands the results that for many was expected and even well received, while for others it was a surprise. We are not here to judge what happened in Bolivia, we are not analysts and anything we'd say would suffer the lack of depth or interest compared to what more interesting bloggers could give. What we can do is make a small overview of the Bolivian blogs to see how these elections have been observed and how the new Bolivian president is seen by the blogosphere.

Here at blogsbolivia we support the freedom of expression over any other aspect so we shall publish brief extracts without including our opinions or modifying what others have written.

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Kelvin dijo...

Kia Ora (hello) from a blogger down inder in New Zealand. I was passing thru, so I thought I would stop and say hello to you. Great blog - thank you for the posts in english.

el forastero dijo...

thanks to you to come by, I hope you came back again

påt®iciå dijo...

Más sobre el tema. Encontre este blog que parece ser una biografia no oficial de Evo Morales.

oso dijo...

Debemos agradecerle a Medea quien hizo la traducción tan excelente.